Make the most of your small closet space!

Having limited space is a small price most New Yorker’s pay to be able to live in this incredible city. Finding the time and the motivation to organize closet space may not be many New Yorker’s first priority, but we can assure you finding the time to organize your closet and pick up a few of these reasonably priced solutions will save a lot of time and frustration in the long run.

Small apartment? No problem.

Limited closet space? Even better!

Here are some fast and easy solutions:

  1. Store your most used items below and least used items up high. You want to make sure the items you need on a regular basis are within reach.
  2. Combine storage units to fit your different needs, use hangers for everything suits, boxes and dresses.
  3. Use an umbrella stand to hold items that can be rolled up and or compacted such as yoga matts, beach towels and other items that be condensed in size such as duffel bags.
  4. Use a hanging organizer to sort shoes.Door-hanging-shoe-rack
  5. Keep all clothes that can be folded neatly and organized by using shelf dividers.


6. Add some light to your closet so you can always see the full closet.

7. Install extra hooks outside of your closet to hang scarves, hats, jewelry and ties to create extra space.


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