Call a Trusted NYC Maid Service BEFORE You Move!

If you live anywhere in the 5 boroughs no one has to tell you how expensive moving can be, or how stressful moving can be. Getting your security deposit back can be a challenge if your apartment is not spic and span clean. A trusted NYC maid service can help you to get your deposit back. It can be hard to focus on cleaning up to standards when you have so much more on your plate. Moving is a time consuming affair that leaves very little time to get the apartment in an inspection worthy state.

The Planning

When you are moving you have two main things to plan for, when you are getting out and when you are getting in. Those two things will shape every other thing you need to plan for. To make sure that your move comes off without a hitch you should:

  • Make a list
  • Plan well in advance of the moving date
  • Get the support you need

Start with your list. Include on your list all the arrangements that you will have to make to successfully move from one place to another:

  • Plan for utilities- to have disconnected and connected
  • Plan for moving help-trucks, labor etc.
  • Plan for the date everything should be packed
  • Plan for cleaning help- to ensure you get your deposit back

A well-laid plan will make sure you do not miss a beat. Prearrange as much of the move as you can, do it early so that you know that everything is arranged for and you can focus on other things like getting the family settled, notifying businesses that you deal with about the move and setting up your new home.

Even if you are moving on a shoe string budget, actually especially if you are moving on a shoestring budget, making sure you get your deposit back from the place you are moving out of, is very important. It will be important to your budget. Investing in a NYC maid service that specializes in move out cleaning can be one of the most beneficial parts of your planning. It also will take a lot of stress out of the move, free up your time and help you to say good bye to the old and help to the new!

Today’s Maid offers move out services that will get your old place sparkling and ready for inspection!

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