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Office Cleaning Services for Your Business

If you want to impress customers and visitors, having an organized and clean office is essential. Office space that is tidy and clean will help create a positive image of your business. Envision walking into an office that is cluttered, disorganized, and filthy. A first impression is critical to creating an image of professionalism and quality. That is why it is highly important that you hire a professional company that offers a cleaning service so you can maintain the visual qualities of your business. The service of office cleaning in Brooklyn is provided by a reputable cleaning company that has professional cleaners ready to assist you with your cleaning needs.

Expert Cleaners Are Capable of Cleaning Any Size of an Office

Office cleaning can be considered a challenging task if taken on by someone that does not have experience in cleaning offices. When you hire professional cleaners, they have the required knowledge and skill in order to achieve the desired results you want. Expert cleaners can perform this task at ease because they are capable and have the proper cleaning equipment to clean any size of an office. Professional cleaners will have your office space tidy, fresh, and sparking clean in no time. Office cleaning services offered by a reliable cleaning company consists of every day, every other day, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and last minute. Cleaners are flexible and will work around your schedule at your convenience. Professional cleaners will follow a standard and specific technique to make certain proper cleaning takes place while safe-guarding the integrity of the fixtures and furnishings of your office. Cleaners will clean the general office area, kitchen and bathroom as well as any other area that you have listed on a card that will be given to you.

Why You Need an Office Cleaning Service

One important feature of hiring the services of professional cleaners to clean your office is it will increase productivity. When your employees are happy and in a clean and tidy office then more work will be done. An organized and fresh office makes for an inviting atmosphere for customers and visitors as well as your employees. Choosing a reputable cleaning company will benefit you in several ways. You will not have to worry about any long term contacts, you can receive a free estimate, satisfaction is guaranteed, and the service is affordable. By having expert cleaners that specialize in office cleaning you can be sure to receive optimal results. This leaves you to do the important things like running your business.

Signs You Need a Maid Service

Many people find it difficult to maintain their home. The last thing you want to do when coming home from a hectic day is to see a filthy home. To avoid this, you have 2 options either spend hours cleaning or hire a maid service. The time you spend not cleaning gives you more time to focus on other things. How do you know you need to find a maid service? What are the signs? If you are a busy professional, you may find yourself working long hours, and too tired to keep up with the cleaning. Perhaps, you have anxiety over having someone come by your home for a visit. What if they wanted to come over tonight and you only had a few minutes to clean. Could you do it? What rooms would you keep them out of or show them? Is the table clean in the dining room, or what about the kitchen, are there dishes in the sink? Are the countertops and floors clean? If this sounds like you, do not be embarrassed. You do not have to live this way. There is a reliable cleaning company that provides maid services in NYC and their cleaners are dependable and affordable.

Numerous Options You Have with Maid Services

There are numerous options you have with maid services. When talking with a professional they will inform you that you are not committed to any long term contracts, they offer free estimates, and their professional cleaners are bonded and insured. The cleaning schedules offered are every day, every other day, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and last minute. Cleaners are very flexible and will work around your schedule. Hiring cleaning experts is a wise decision because they have the expertise and technique as well as the proper cleaning equipment to have your home looking exceptionally tidy and fresh. No matter what area in your home you require to be cleaned, professional cleaners will tackle it whether it is your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining, living, or family room. No job is too small or big for them to conquer. Cleaners also offer additional services such as doing the laundry, washing dishes, cleaning and defrosting freezers and so much more.

No More Stressing Over a Dirty Home

When you use maid services in NYC there will be no more stressing over a dirty home. Cleaning professionals will make sure your home is spotless and smelling fresh when you walk through the door. Having a clean and tidy home will give you the opportunity to focus on your family and relaxing. Do not delay any longer and book an appointment today for maid services, contact Todays Maid Service by visiting their website!

Home Cleaning-Professional Maid Service

Are you tired of coming home to a messy home? You may become so exhausted knowing that when you arrive home you will need to start right in with the cleaning chores. Is there a solution for this? Yes there is, you need to contact a reputable cleaning company that offers a maid service in Manhattan. This will make a huge difference in your life. Leave the cleaning to proficient maids that will provide you with hygienic and expert cleaning that will be absolute perfect for your lifestyle. Professional maids are dedicated to each client and believe that clients deserve the very best cleaning services they can provide.

Cleaning Services Provided by Professional Maids

First and foremost, when you contact a reliable cleaning company you will realize that professionals will put your needs first. There are no long term contracts and you can receive a free estimate on what you want cleaned. Their main mission is to provide you with high quality cleaning services that will exceed your expectations. Your happiness and satisfaction is their number one priority and they understand that each home is unique and will entail different cleaning services. Their dedicated employees are professionals that can be trusted to accommodate your schedule by providing several different cleaning service options such as post construction service, move in/move out service, office service, commercial service, and residential service. Cleaners are happy to customize a cleaning service package for you that will meet your unique requests and needs at an affordable cost.

Maid Service Is a Blessing to You

Hiring a maid service is a blessing to you in many ways. Whether you need cleaning services at the last minute, monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, every other day, or every day cleaners can assist you. Not only will have professional maids cleaning your home, you also have peace of mind in knowing you can trust and rely on them to do a top notch cleaning job. Professional cleaners are insured and bonded which makes you feel at ease and this is for your protection as well as theirs. Cleaners will visit your home and bring with them the proper equipment and begin cleaning the areas you requested. It is all about paying attention to detail and making sure your home is fresh and tidy when you arrive. Expert cleaners stand behind their work, therefore if they accidentally miss what you have listed get in touch with them within 24 hours and they will return at no additional charge to you.

Find the Right Professional Cleaning Service for You

First impressions do count and the first thing people see when they enter your world is how clean it is. Perhaps, you have tried cleaning services before and were disappointed in how the job was done. Or maybe you thought you could do it yourself and found out how time consuming and hard it can be to clean especially those hard to reach areas. Now is the time to reassess the needs of your facility, whether it is your office building or your home. Whatever the space, it is time to determine exactly what cleaning services you need. The challenge is in finding the right professional cleaning service that will fulfill your requirements. There is a reputable and reliable cleaning company that offers several cleaning services in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Professional Cleaners Provide Quality Cleaning Services

Hiring from a reputable cleaning company that is insured and bonded is a good choice. This is for your protection as well as for their cleaners. It also will give you peace of mind in knowing you can trust a cleaner that comes into your establishment. There are many advantages of using the cleaning services of professional cleaners. You can ask for a free estimate of what you need cleaned. A reliable cleaning company offers flexible scheduling such as every day, every other day, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and last minute. These cleaners take pride in their work and strive to make sure you are satisfied with the results once they have finished. Cleaning experts have been trained and use cleaning techniques as well as quality cleaning products to ensure your establishment smells fresh and is sparkling clean. Professional cleaners arrive on time and they pay close attention to detail when cleaning. After cleaners have finished cleaning they will leave a card for you to fill out. This will let the company and cleaners know how satisfied you are with their cleaning skills. If something was missed it is important to contact them within 24 hours so a cleaner can come back at no extra charge to you.

Your Cleaning Needs Will be Met by Expert Cleaners

Cleaning professionals understand that your busy schedule makes it hard for you to get any cleaning accomplished. Therefore, that is why you have hired them to take the load off of you. Your cleaning needs will be met by expert cleaners. Professional cleaners can offer you a customized home or office cleaning plan as well as a customized cleaning service to suit your needs. No matter what type of cleaning service you choose it will be provided to you at an affordable price.

Cleaning Services for Residential and Commercial Purposes

A clean home or business is a basis of positive energy and a cluttered area reveals negativity. Cleanliness is one thing which everybody wants whether it is their home or business. There are times when you want to get your home or business cleaned, but you are too busy, tired or just do not have the time. If you want to get your home or business cleaned by professional cleaners, there is an efficient cleaning service in Manhattan that provides quality cleaning services. A reputable cleaning company that strives to make sure each client is fully satisfied with the services they offer as well as stand by their cleaning professionals.

What to Expect from a Reliable Cleaning Company

A professional cleaning service provider is able to meet your needs, regardless of the scale and size of your home or business. They offer a free estimate to you for your home or business cleaning and there is no long term contract. Cleaning professionals work with your schedule which makes it convenient for you. The options you can choose from are every day, every other day, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and at the last minute. Each cleaning service is cost effective and can be worked within your budget. Cleaning professionals can also customize a cleaning service for you. Once you have hired them to clean your home or business, cleaners will arrive on time and get started cleaning on what you listed on a card. Cleaning professionals are fully equipped and are properly trained as well as take their job serious. They pay attention to every detail when cleaning. Therefore, when they have finished cleaning your home or business it will be sparkling clean and smell refreshing.

Advantages of Hiring Professional Cleaners

There are numerous advantages of hiring professional cleaners from a reputable cleaning service in Manhattan. The cleaners are bonded and insured for your protection as well as theirs. Each cleaning professional has had a background check so you can trust them when they are at your home or business. When you hire cleaning professionals this will keep you from not neglecting your prior commitments and you do not have to play catch up on cleaning. Skilled cleaners strive to exceed your expectations when they clean and want you to be 100% satisfied with the results. After they have finished they will leave a scorecard for you to fill out and return to the cleaning company. If for some reason a cleaner missed cleaning something, inform them within 24 hours and they will return at no extra charge.

Comprehensive Office Cleaning Service in NYC

Is your office cleaning service in NYC really giving you the services that you need? Sometimes it can be hard to know what service you should be getting or what you should expect. There is a model that you can use to compare what you are getting to what you should get! Today’s Maid has served over 250,000 clients in NYC so they are a good point of reference when it comes to understanding what you should be getting from your cleaning service. A lot of businesses stay with a cleaning company long after they should have let them go because they are not really sure if they are getting the services that they are supposed to be getting.


Comprehensive services, are full coverage services. Using the list of services that Today’s Maid has to offer can give you an idea of what “comprehensive” looks like:

  • Working around your schedule
  • No long term contracts-unless you want one
  • In some cases, same day services
  • Cleaning to include-inside and outside of door, kitchen areas, mop hard surfaces, vacuum, dust light fixtures, window sills and more, vacuum clean stairs, dust and polish all furniture, restock and clean all office bathrooms, order bathroom supplies if wanted
  • Other cleaning services as requested

Comprehensive, looks like a fully clean office that is done on your schedule by highly qualified cleaning professionals.

Is It Working for You?

Is your cleaning service providing you with the comprehensive cleaning services you need? If you are not getting all of the above and more on the schedule you need than maybe it is time to switch to the service that hundreds of thousands of residents and businesses have turned too. You should not have to settle when it comes to the cleanliness of your office, especially since there is a service that can easily meet all of your needs and then some.

It is far better to know for sure that you are getting all the best possible services than to question the services and wonder whether or not it is adequate. Knowing you are for sure getting the best services is the way to go!

Call Today’s Maid today and ask more about what comprehensive services are offered to help you maintain the type of office environment that results in more productivity and a better atmosphere to work in. Ask about flexible scheduling and custom cleaning options for your office.

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Call a Trusted NYC Maid Service BEFORE You Move!

If you live anywhere in the 5 boroughs no one has to tell you how expensive moving can be, or how stressful moving can be. Getting your security deposit back can be a challenge if your apartment is not spic and span clean. A trusted NYC maid service can help you to get your deposit back. It can be hard to focus on cleaning up to standards when you have so much more on your plate. Moving is a time consuming affair that leaves very little time to get the apartment in an inspection worthy state.

The Planning

When you are moving you have two main things to plan for, when you are getting out and when you are getting in. Those two things will shape every other thing you need to plan for. To make sure that your move comes off without a hitch you should:

  • Make a list
  • Plan well in advance of the moving date
  • Get the support you need

Start with your list. Include on your list all the arrangements that you will have to make to successfully move from one place to another:

  • Plan for utilities- to have disconnected and connected
  • Plan for moving help-trucks, labor etc.
  • Plan for the date everything should be packed
  • Plan for cleaning help- to ensure you get your deposit back

A well-laid plan will make sure you do not miss a beat. Prearrange as much of the move as you can, do it early so that you know that everything is arranged for and you can focus on other things like getting the family settled, notifying businesses that you deal with about the move and setting up your new home.

Even if you are moving on a shoe string budget, actually especially if you are moving on a shoestring budget, making sure you get your deposit back from the place you are moving out of, is very important. It will be important to your budget. Investing in a NYC maid service that specializes in move out cleaning can be one of the most beneficial parts of your planning. It also will take a lot of stress out of the move, free up your time and help you to say good bye to the old and help to the new!

Today’s Maid offers move out services that will get your old place sparkling and ready for inspection!

5 Things You Want from Maid Services in NYC

Getting what you want from maid services in NYC should be no problem, but oddly enough it can be. There are 5 main things that you should be able to get from a maid service at the very least to ensure that you are getting the type of service that you deserve. If you are not getting these five things that you should reconsider the company that you are using.

The Five

Everyone has different expectations when it comes to maid services in NYC for some people they just want a quick cleanup and for the space to look good for other people they expect that they will get detailed attention and they have special instructions for how to get that detailed attention which leads to the very first, likely one of the most important of the 5 things you should expect, flexibility!

Here are the 5 with flexible options at the top of the list!

  1. 1. Flexibility– flexible options are the key to providing the best customer service. Some people like a standard package of cleaning services and that is fine, but you want the option to switch things up, add services or delete what you do not need. Flexible cleaning options is key.
  2. 2. Reliability– if your cleaning people are supposed to be there on Thursday at 2 and they consistently are late or rescheduling, this is not the kind of service you need. Typically, when you have your cleaning person or people coming in you are prepared for that, not showing up, being late or rescheduling puts you out.
  3. 3. Quality work-far too many companies take pride in their work. You deserve a high quality cleaning job that follows your instructions and that is done by professionals.
  4. 4. Thoroughly vetted cleaning staff– in today’s world before you let anyone into your home or business be sure that you are dealing with a company that takes your security first and foremost and always has background information on each of their employees.
  5. 5. Satisfaction guaranteed– your satisfaction should be very important to your cleaning staff and it should show. If you are not happy with the results you should be able to voice that and the company should be willing to make it right.

Don’t suffer with a maid service that is not meeting your needs. You can choose Today’s Maid and get the results you need!

What We Offer

  • Office

  • Residential

  • Seasonal

  • Post-Construction

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How We are Different

Over 250,000 cleans since 2005 Todays Maid Service

Today's Maid has provided New York City with over 250,000 cleanings since 2005! Today's Maid offers cleaning services for both residential and commercial customers throughout New York City.

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Here at Today's Maid we believe that every person should be able to experience the joys and comfort that goes along with hiring a home cleaning service to clean their home.

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Today's Maid's mission is to provide New York City with outstanding, top notch cleaning services. We provide both our Residential and Commercial cleaning customers with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Here at Today's Maid we understand the importance of having convenient options as a New Yorker when choosing a home cleaning service.

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To ensure the most professional level of service is delivered in every single cleaning we are Insured & Bonded for your protection.

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Here at Today's Maid we only use the best maids to perform your cleaning. Our scoreboard checklist is designed to let our clients know exactly what to expect of a Today's Maid cleaning.